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Custom Artist Levers

Customer Information


Street Address



Zip Code





Handle Styles (check one)

A: Straight shank (average length 7")

B: Ball with tapered shank (average length 5")

C: Combination straight shank with ball end (average length 7.5")

D: Straight shank with concave taper or radius (average length 5")

E: Straight shank with flared end (average length7")

F: Other - Describe below or send sketch:


Head Length and Angle (check one)

Extra Short 15°

Medium 15°

Extra Short 10°

Medium 10°

Short 15°

Medium 5°

Short 10°

Long 15°


Tip (Star #2 provided unless specified)


Wood Species Availability Varies (check one)

Coco Bolo, Mexican (Red, darker hues)

Coco Bolo, Nicaraguan (Orange, lighter hues)

Rosewood, Brazilian (Chocolate hues)

Ebony, Nigerian (Black with fine bone streaks)

Ziracote, Nigerian (Light and dark brown with black streaks)

Maple (Figured)

Maple (Bird's Eye)

Maple (Burl)


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