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Piano Technician On Demand

Renner USA provides a special technical support service to piano technicians who purchase genuine Renner action parts from us and require technical assistance in selecting, installing, or regulating the action parts in a particular piano.  This service is provided by a unique team of highly skilled and experienced piano technicians* located across the country. 

This program is available exclusively to Renner USA customers.  Under this program, all piano technicians who purchase genuine Renner USA piano parts and tools will qualify for personal live phone support from among the industry’s top professionals within 24 hours of initiating the request. 

* *Technicians participating in the program have been selected from the top piano technicians in the United States, and are completely independent. Renner USA makes no representations or warranties concerning the advice and consul they may provide.

Baldassin Ball Bowman Hulme

Rick Baldassin
Salt Lake City, UT

Charles Ball
Austin, TX

Keith Bowman
Harrisburg, PA

Greg Hulme
Kansas City, MO

Reeder Clint Houghes, Piano Technician Terim
Franco Skilan

James Reeder
Lansing, MI

Clint Hughes
Moscow, ID

Teri Meredyth
Los Angeles, CA

Franco Skilan
Los Angeles, CA

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