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The History and Development of the Modern Piano - Page 4

Renner Expands to Supply the After-Market for Replacement Parts

In 1952, Renner extended its product offering to include repairs and the supply of spare parts and accessories. The existing components section was expanded and a large-scale warehouse was installed. Today, RenneRenner Piano Action Technicianr employs more than perhaps 300 people and manufactures using the most advanced machinery and electronically controlled automatic operations. These systems are mostly special developments to meet the particular needs of mechanism manufacture, the great majority of which have been designed and constructed in the company's own research department. Since 1882, the year it was founded, Renner has produced in excess of two million mechanisms.  Daily production amounts to perhaps 90 mechanism for upright pianos, 25 for grand pianos, and l50 sets of hammers.

Renner Found in All Top Quality Pianos

Renner is the largest, independent purely action manufacturer  for upright and grand pianos in the world. The company's success is due to their ability to produce customRenner European Pianos made actions for the individual customer. Europe's largest manufacturer of upright and grand pianos, Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik in Braunschweig, is Renner's biggest customer.  Apart from Schimmel, Renner mechanisms are exclusively used by such reputable companies as Steinway & Sons in Hamburg, Fazioli/Italy, Bösendorfer/Austria, Grotrian-Steinweg, Bechstein Ibach, Feurich, Seiler, Sauter, Steingräber & Söhne, Pfeiffer, Leipziger Pianofortefabrik, Zimmermann, Steinberg, Blüthner, and Förster. In other words, all the German pianoforte manufacturers. Moreover, Renner can count other reputable European pianoforte manufacturers among their customers, such as Rameau, Generalmusic, Petrof, ERA Seidl, Calisia, Legnica, and in Asia such famous companies as Daewoo, Samick, Young Chang, Kawai as well as Musical Products and other smaller manufacturers of pianos. Of course they also supply all well-known companies on the American market such as Baldwin, Charles Walter, and Mason & Hamlin.

Electronically Controlled Production

Renner is the only supplier on the European continent to have stood up to the stiff selection process of the pianoforte industry. All other competitors have had to give up. They could not conform to the constantly increasing demands in terms of the best of quality, based on reliability, precision and durability The end-user, like the German piano industry itself, should also pay attention to the mechaRenner Electronically COntrolled Piano Action Productionnism when buying a piano. It is of central importance for the way in which the instrument plays. The loveliest sound cannot be achieved if the mechanism is not working with the utmost precision.


The modern mechanism has become a product of highly developed technology. Operational phases previously implemented manually are now fully automatic. The application of the very latest in modern technology makes it possible to produce with even greater precision and reliability and to constantly raise the production level per employee. Specialization is finally established in the world of piano-making. This is particularly apparent on the sector of mechanism manufacture. Renner has been able to hold its own against stiff competition. Making use of the latest know-how in the application of computers and electronic controls, superior quality is produced, as expressed by the former premier of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Lothar Späth, "Quality is honesty in action" or as a Swabian put it: "Quality, that's a matter of decency."

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